Powering Data

We are expert first-movers in powering data centers with a track record of bringing our vision to life. By developing the world’s first 24x7 carbon-free, direct-connect data center campus powered by our Susquehanna Nuclear facility, we have unlocked a unique opportunity for growth by serving power demand from data centers.

As artificial intelligence increases demand for clean and reliable power, our track record and ability to replicate this model for powering data is a distinct competitive advantage.

Case Study

Susquehanna Serving Hyperscale Data Center

Susquehanna: Carbon-Free Energy

6th largest U.S. nuclear facility, with dual units and 2.5 GW gross capacity1

Units commissioned in 1982 and 1984, licensed through 2042 and 2044, and beginning work on additional 20-year extensions

Top-decile cost efficiency2

Supported by up to $15/MWh Production Tax Credit3

Nuclear fuel fully contracted through 2025 outage and substantially through 2028 outage

Nuclear decommissioning trust fully funded

  1. Talen holds a 90% interest, or 2.2 net GW.
  2. Based on 2023 average EUCG benchmarking of all -in costs across the U.S. nuclear industry, which includes opex, capex and allocated corporate G&A.
  3. Maximum PTC benefit in 2024, excluding impact of inflation.

Through Susquehanna, Talen supplies long-term, carbon-free power to Amazon Web Services as it develops a data center campus that is directly connected to our facility. The data center campus may consume up to 960 Megawatts.