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Name Fuel Type Location Market Owned
Brandon Shores Power Plant Coal Fired MD PJM-BGE 1,283 MW 100%
Brunner Island Steam Electric Station Coal, Natural Gas PA PJM-PPL 1,429 MW 100%
Camden Power Plant Natural Gas NJ PJM-PSEG 145 MW 100%
Colstrip Steam Electric Station Coal Fired MT WECC 222 MW 30% (Unit 3)
Conemaugh Generating Station Coal PA PJM-MAAC 386 MW 22%
Dartmouth Power Plant Natural Gas, Oil MA ISO-NE SEMA 80 MW 100%
H.A. Wagner Generating Station Natural Gas, Oil MD PJM-BGE 834 MW 100%
Keystone Generating Station Coal PA PJM-MAAC 214 MW 12%
Lower Mount Bethel Power Plant Natural Gas PA PJM-PPL 606 MW 100%
Martins Creek Power Plant Natural Gas, Oil PA PJM-PPL 1,716 MW 100%
Montour Steam Electric Station Natural Gas PA PJM-PPL 1,508 MW 100%
Susquehanna Steam Electric Station Nuclear PA PJM-PPL/MAAC 2,228 MW 90%

We operate a diverse generating portfolio in a variety of attractive U.S. markets. Our plants generate power using a variety of fuels, ranging from zero-carbon energy like nuclear to natural gas, coal and oil, with some possessing dual fuel switching capabilities. Talen is meeting the growing demand for power by supporting reliability and unlocking new opportunities to power data.

We produce and sell electricity, capacity, and ancillary services into wholesale power markets in the U.S., primarily in PJM and WECC, with our generation fleet principally located in the Mid-Atlantic and Montana.

Zero-Carbon Nuclear

PJM Nuclear

Consists of the Susquehanna Steam Electric Station, a 2-unit BWR station which generates carbon-free nuclear power outside Berwick, PA. With an owned generating capacity of approximately 2,228 Megawatts and a total generating capacity of 2,475 Megawatts, Susquehanna generates enough carbon-free nuclear energy to power 2 million homes. The Susquehanna nuclear facility supplies its direct-connect energy to an adjacent data center campus under development by Amazon Web Services in a first-of-its-kind partnership.

Learn more at susquehannanuclear.com.

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Lower Mount Bethel Power Plant

Natural Gas & Peaking Units

Includes five generation plants located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland, with an owned generating capacity of more than 6,300 Megawatts. Also includes the Dartmouth Power Plant located in Dartmouth, MA, which can be fueled by either natural gas or coal and has an owned generating capacity of 80 Megawatts.

Transitioning Off Coal

Includes our Brunner Island facility in Pennsylvania, which converted to dual-fuel natural gas and coal capability and has committed to cease burning coal completely by year-end 2028. Also includes our Brandon Shores facility which is currently scheduled to retire June 1, 2025, unless needed for reliability purposes under an approved reliability must run contract.

Minority-Owned Coal

Includes the Colstrip Steam Electric Station, a 2-unit coal-fired generation plant located in Colstrip, Montana, with an owned generating capacity of approximately 222 Megawatts. Talen Montana serves as the plant operator and is a subsidiary of Talen Energy. Also includes the Conemaugh and Keystone coal-fired electric generation plants, which will cease by year-end 2028.

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