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We are proud to announce a joint venture with Pattern Energy to develop 1.4 gigawatts of renewable projects.
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Leading the

energy transition

We are proud to announce a joint venture with Pattern Energy to develop 1.4 gigawatts of renewable projects.

Power of the Platform

Talen is an independent power generation infrastructure company that owns or controls approximately 13,000 MW of generating capacity in well-developed, structured power markets throughout North America.

Talen believes in a diverse portfolio and recognizes the value of zero-carbon, renewable energy as part of our evolving generation mix.  New solar and renewables development projects will capitalize on land holdings and broad grid access within our existing footprint to enhance our existing zero-carbon nuclear assets, as we continue to improve our carbon footprint.



We are entrepreneurial and innovative in our approach. We focus on continuous improvement through simplification, engagement and teamwork.



Talen strives to outperform its peers, measured not only by financial performance, but also reputation and ability to attract and retain talent.



We value trust. Whatever we say we do, and we deliver on our promises. We are honest with each other and respectful.


No Harm

Great companies do not harm people. Therefore, we strive to achieve an injury-free workplace as well as a workplace where dignity, respect and mutual understanding results in no harm.  Violating this key value will not be tolerated.

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Our energy portfolio reflects significant fuel diversity and optionality with zero-carbon nuclear accounting for approximately half of current Megawatt Hours generated.

ESG-Focused Future

We intend to advance the world’s transition to clean energy by leading the ESG transformation of the power and digital infrastructure sectors.

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Forbes Best Employer

People are the center of our business and our diverse group gives us a wide range of voices and experiences when solving new and complex issues. See why Talen was recently recognized by Forbes as one of America's Best Employers.

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