A Leading Power & Infrastructure Company

Talen Energy is a leading independent power producer and infrastructure company focused on safe, reliable power generation while delivering the most value per megawatt of energy we produce. As one of the largest competitive power infrastructure companies in North America, Talen is committed to driving the energy transition and decarbonizing its fleet.

Our mission is to generate energy and power digital infrastructure solutions in a way that delivers the best possible outcomes for our people, communities, and stakeholders.

We are well positioned to capture the significant growth opportunity in powering data, as data centers serving artificial intelligence increasingly demand more reliable, clean power. Through our first-of-its-kind partnership powering a 24x7 carbon-free, direct-connect data center campus through our Susquehanna Nuclear facility, we are leaders in serving this unique opportunity for growth with a proven ability to execute.

Our Company at a Glance

  • ~10.7 GW

    of total power generation

  • 12

    generation locations

  • >50%

    of current megawatt hours generated are zero-carbon

  • Zero coal

    at the majority of wholly-owned Talen facilities by the end of 2025

  • 2,000


  • Operating across
    5 states

Our Generation Portfolio

Talen operates a diverse generating portfolio in a variety of attractive markets. Explore our assets across the U.S., spanning a variety of fuels like nuclear, natural gas, coal and oil.

Our fleet is anchored by the Susquehanna nuclear facility, the sixth largest nuclear-powered generation facility in the U.S. Susquehanna generates 2.5 GW and typically comprises 50% or more of our annual generation. Consistent with Talen’s strategic focus on powering data, through Susquehanna, Talen supplies long-term, carbon-free power to Amazon Web Services as it develops a data center campus that may consume up to 960 Megawatts.

Talen fosters an inclusive, diverse, respectful, and collaborative workplace that empowers employees to excel, encourages a strong commitment to innovation, teamwork and integrity, and focuses community engagement and philanthropic efforts on the local communities where employees live and work.

A happy Talen employee out in the field.