Talen Energy is one of the largest privately-owned independent power producers in the United States

We generate and sell electricity, capacity and related products from a fleet of power plants that use diverse fuel sources including zero-carbon nuclear, clean and flexibly dispatched natural gas, and efficient, resilient coal.

Our Markets

Talen Energy’s plants are located principally in the Northeast and Texas, in some of the largest, most attractive competitive power markets in the United States. We have the scale as well as the technology and fuel diversity to adapt to changing market conditions and regulatory developments.

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Solar Made Simple

We believe in the value of a diverse energy portfolio and are developing solar projects on land adjacent to our fossil plants. Our first round of projects will utilize existing infrastructure to deliver cost-effective, PJM-based renewable energy to the grid.

In addition, Talen's retail team is using the solar projects to develop innovative solutions to help businesses achieve their renewable energy goals.

Simplification. Engagement. Teamwork.

The center of our business is our people. Our team of highly-skilled professionals works across the organization to deliver value through excellence in operations and strategic commercial management of our generation fleet.


Together we focus on continuous improvement in our practices and processes through a culture based on simplification, engagement and teamwork.

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Commercial & Retail Marketing

Our competitive wholesale and retail energy supply businesses buy and sell energy commodities in competitive wholesale and deregulated retail markets throughout the United States.


Talen Energy serves commercial and industrial customers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Ohio, and the District of Columbia through its Retail Electricity offerings.


Total MWs



Our plants generate power using a variety of fuels, some possessing dual fuel switching capabilities.


Of Portfolio is Zero Carbon Generation

Talen Energy operates a diverse generating portfolio in a variety of attractive US markets.


Generation Locations

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