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Talen Energy is one of the largest privately-owned independent power generation infrastructure companies in North America.

We generate and sell electricity, capacity and related products from a fleet of power plants that use diverse fuel sources including zero-carbon nuclear, clean and flexibly dispatched natural gas, and efficient, resilient coal with various facilities possessing fuel switching capabilities. Our power generation assets and commercial capabilities, empower us to grow our platform and create value across multiple markets and customers.

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Total MWs



Our plants generate power using a variety of fuels, some possessing dual fuel switching capabilities.


of current Megawatt Hours generated are zero-carbon

Talen operates a diverse generating portfolio in a variety of attractive markets.


Generation Locations

our markets

Our Markets

Talen Energy’s plants are located principally in the Mid-Atlantic region and Texas, in some of the largest, most attractive competitive power markets in the United States. We have the scale as well as the technology and fuel diversity to adapt to changing market conditions and regulatory developments.

A Diverse, Evolving Portfolio

Talen is developing renewable projects on land adjacent to our fossil plants. Our first round of projects will utilize existing infrastructure to deliver cost-effective, PJM-based renewable energy to the grid.


Simplification, Engagement, Teamwork

The center of our business is our people. Our team of highly-skilled professionals works across the organization to deliver value through excellence in operations and strategic commercial management of our generation fleet.

Together we drive operational excellence by maximizing the safety, reliability and efficiency of our assets through a culture based on simplification, engagement and teamwork.

Commercial Marketing

Our integrated generation, commercial capabilities and IT systems infrastructure enables us to produce significant recurring cash flow. And, our risk management strategy economically hedges our margin to increase stability across our generation assets.

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