Talen offers Fixed and Index products, with many of our solutions customized to meet the needs of your business.


Fixed, Fixed Custom Structure, Fixed Long-Term Capacity, etc.


Load Following Block, Block + Index, Index Custom Structure, etc.


Many of our solutions combine the features of both Fixed and Index.


Carbon-Zero 24/7 is a 100% emission-free* electricity product and is backed by Emission-Free Energy Certificates issued by PJM Environmental Information Services (EIS) and tracked by GATS.


Our Fixed Capacity product allows you to lock-in Capacity rates through 2025 to ensure price certainty in an uncertain regulatory environment. Click below to learn more.


*Physical electricity is the product of a mix of generation energy sources that is delivered over a system of wires. Nonetheless, a quantity of energy equivalent to 100% of the quantity of energy sold shall be purchased by Talen Energy Marketing, LLC from electric generation resources, interconnected to the PJM Interconnection LLC regional grid, that is emission-free energy as determined by PJM Environmental Information Services (EIS) and tracked by the Generation Attribute Tracking System (GATS).


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