Retail Electricity Update

As part of Talen Energy’s previously-announced strategic transformation for an ESG-focused future, the company has decided to reposition its commodity Retail business, which is primarily comprised of accounts in the PJM market. While Talen will continue to service and supply its current and future contracts and pay brokers for these contracts, it will no longer pursue new business. This is a strategy-driven corporate decision and Talen intends to deliver on its contractual obligations.

Please direct communication or questions to [email protected] or to our Customer Care mailbox at [email protected]. Visit the Fuel Mix Disclosures page to download documents related to our emissions and fuel mix for the states we serve.

We look forward to sharing more information regarding our shift to developing renewable energy, battery storage and other ESG-focused initiatives. 


About Talen

Talen is an independent power generation infrastructure company that owns or controls approximately 13,000 MW of generating capacity in well-developed, structured power markets throughout North America.

Talen believes in a diverse portfolio and recognizes the value of zero-carbon, renewable energy as part of our evolving generation mix. New solar and renewables development projects will capitalize on land holdings and broad grid access within our existing footprint to enhance our existing zero-carbon nuclear assets, as we continue to improve our carbon footprint.

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