Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Talen Energy?

We are one of the largest independent power generation companies in the United States. We supply business customers with competitively priced energy solutions to meet their unique needs through Talen Energy Marketing, LLC.

What happened to PPL EnergyPlus?

PPL EnergyPlus was one of several companies that was spun off from PPL Corporation and became a Talen Energy company.

Where is Talen Energy located?

The company’s headquarters and customer care center remain in eastern Pennsylvania.

Did anything change with my home or business’s energy supply?

Not at all. The price you’re currently paying for energy supply and your contract terms stay the same as before.

Now that PPL EnergyPlus is Talen Energy, did my contract term start over?

No, your current pricing and contract terms will remain in place until your renewal date.

If my plan with PPL EnergyPlus had a cancellation fee, did it carry over to Talen Energy?

Yes. If you cancel before your contract term ends, you are required to pay the cancellation fee.

Is Talen Energy maintaining my power lines?

No. Your electric distribution company (utility) continues to maintain power lines and deliver your electricity. If there’s an outage or other problem with the delivery of your power, you continue to contact your utility. 

What happens when I’m near the end of my term for energy supply?

Commercial and industrial customers will be contacted by our regional sales team to discuss renewal opportunities. Talen Energy remains firmly committed to offering you highly competitive prices and clear, straightforward terms.

Does Talen Energy own power plants?

The companies of Talen Energy own or operate a diverse portfolio of power plants as one of the largest independent power producers in the United States.

Does Talen Energy provide unique, customer-focused solutions for my business?

Yes. If you were a commercial and industrial customer with PPL EnergyPlus, you can expect the same approach from us. Our energy experts work to find customized solutions that best fit your business’ unique energy needs.