PPL EnergyPlus powers Xfinity Live! Philadelphia.

Legions of sports fans gather daily at XFINITY Live! in Philadelphia to cheer on their favorite teams. Centered in the heart of the South Philadelphia Sports District, this one-of-a-kind dining and entertainment complex features over a dozen restaurant and entertainment choices. Hundreds of large-screen televisions, fantastic lighting and stunning sound systems make the venue a remarkable experience.

Generating all that excitement takes lots of electricity. That’s why XFINITY Live! turned to us for help managing rising energy costs. We designed a customized plan built around their speciļ¬c energy needs. For example, unlike many businesses, XFINITY Live! uses most of its electricity after 5 pm and on weekends. We account for that.

Our competitive pricing and hedging strategies help keep their bottom line strong.

Hundreds of commercial, industrial and institutional customers rely on our expertise - especially those that love saving energy as much as they love Philadelphia sports.