Fixed Basis Plus NYMEX

If your business wants to set below-market commodity price targets over time, take advantage of falling natural gas prices or accept a default price to align with a more-relative market trend, this Talen Energy product offers the flexibility you need.

Fixed Basis Plus NYMEX combines a fixed price for transportation for a specified period and volume (the “basis”) with a floating NYMEX price for natural gas. Your commodity price settles on a monthly interval according to the New York Mercantile Exchange’s Natural Gas (NG) contract settlement price. You don’t have to worry about the impact of higher transportation costs.

You can also take advantage of the allowance of a NYMEX trigger. It gives your business the ability to lock in the commodity price based on the current market, prior to the monthly settlement.

Our expertise with natural gas commodities markets means we can provide helpful insight to help you set trigger objectives and maximize your energy economics benefits.

Best for customers who have a moderate risk tolerance and want the flexibility of locking in the NYMEX when the market presents attractive buying opportunities.