Talen Energy is one of the largest independent power producers in the United States.

We generate and sell electricity, capacity and related products from a fleet of power plants that uses diverse fuel sources: carbon-free nuclear, clean and flexibly dispatched natural gas, efficient coal that is well-positioned to meet current and pending environmental regulations.

Talen Energy’s plants are located principally in the Northeast and Texas, in some of the largest, most attractive competitive power markets in the United States. We have the scale and the technological and fuel diversity to adapt to changing market conditions and regulatory developments. The company  has a talented workforce with the experience and know-how to operate our plants safely and efficiently.

Our competitive wholesale and retail energy supply business, Talen Energy Marketing, LLC. (“Talen Energy”), buys and sells energy commodities in competitive wholesale and deregulated retail markets throughout the United States. Talen Energy serves commercial and industrial customers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Ohio and the District of Columbia. 

We create value through excellence in operations and skillful commercial management of our generation fleet, with a strong focus on cash returns. Our strategy embraces these core concepts for creating value, optimizes our operations, and supports strategic capital allocation that focuses on creating value.

Talen Energy monitors developments in federal and state laws, regulations and participates in public policy discussions that affect Talen Energy, its employees, or could impact the company's ability to execute its strategy.

Talen Energy's reputation is paramount and as a company subject to regulation, we recognize our reputation is tied to compliance.  Consistent with Talen Energy's strong commitment to integrity and transparency, we conduct business in compliance with applicable federal and state laws and regulations.