Electricity Marketing and Origination

Eastern Marketing & Trading

Asset Management Services

Our team manages near-term and intermediate-term transactions related to generation owned by Talen Energy, as well as counter-party-owned assets. We offer products and services including, but not limited to, off-take agreements, portfolio management and ISO services. 

Load Serving Entities

Our team manages full requirements of energy and related load transactions. We continue to expand our load-following services in the PJM and NEPOOL markets through auctions, requests for proposals, slice of system and other aggregator and load services.


We offer standard energy, capacity and options products and services of various terms, volumes and locations.

Western Marketing & Trading

About 75 percent of the electricity Talen Energy generates in Montana stays in Montana. Our western office in Butte, Mont., is staffed by dedicated employees, most of whom are Montana natives who have lived and worked in the state managing energy assets in the western United States.

We sell some of the electricity generated by Talen Energy through fixed-priced, long-term competitive contracts. That means our prices do not change during the term of the contract — no matter what the market does. This ensures stable prices for our customers. In addition, we buy and sell electricity on a short-term or daily basis — at market prices — in order to meet our contract obligations.