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Public Policy

Federal and state laws, regulations and policies affect Talen Energy, its employees and shareholders. Talen Energy advocates at the federal and state levels for:

  • Well-designed and properly functioning competitive electricity markets
  • Laws, regulations and policies that provide for a fair, competitive business environment
  • Transparency and market-based solutions in competitive electricity markets
  • Safe, cost-effective and reliable electricity supply
  • Scientifically based and reasonably achievable environmental laws and regulations that consider reliability and economic impacts

Talen Energy participates in the public policy arena by educating federal and state officials about these important issues that affect Talen Energy, its employees and its shareholders. Talen Energy participates in regulatory processes before the U.S. Congress, state legislatures, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and other federal and state regulatory agencies.


Consistent with Talen Energy’s strong commitment to integrity and openness, we conduct business in compliance with applicable federal and state laws and regulations.

Talen Energy reports lobbying activities and expenditures pursuant to requirements of applicable federal and state agencies.

Trade Associations

Talen Energy is a member of trade associations that engage in education and advocacy efforts at the federal and state levels. Talen Energy is a member of the Edison Electric Institute, Nuclear Energy Institute, Electric Power Supply Association, Retail Energy Supply Association, COMPETE Coalition, PJM Power Providers Group (P3) and several state-level trade associations.

Political Action Committee

Talen Energy and its affiliates are prohibited from making corporate contributions to political candidates and parties, including in-kind contributions, by federal law and some state laws.

Even in states where corporate contributions to political candidates and parties are allowed by law, Talen Energy does not make political contributions. Talen Energy also does not make independent political expenditures in connection with political campaigns or to influence election ballot measures.

Talen Energy has a nonpartisan, employee-run Political Action Committee (Talen PAC) that encourages employee interest and participation in the political process. Talen PAC focuses specifically on issues that could affect Talen Energy and its employees. Talen PAC is organized and operated separately from Talen Energy Corporation as required by federal law.